Phoenix Lumber is located in Mobile , Alabama in the heart of the southern pinewood industry. The strong rapport we have developed in the timber and lumber industries has enabled our company to outsource a forestry team dedicated to painstakingly seeking out and cutting only long leaf timber for our flooring. Because of the special qualities, we cut only for the heart of the “old growth” pine and we identify as such (Old Growth Heart Pine Flooring).

We salvage beams and decking from old, unsalvageable buildings across the Southeast to produce the finest antique heart pine flooring for homes, businesses and historic buildings.

From start to beautiful finish, Phoenix Lumber is committed to understanding and exceeding our customers' expectations. Your satisfaction is paramount to our business. Our grading system is precise and allows for easy product selection. And, importantly will be accurate and delivered on time. And, as always, our sales team will be here to serve you.


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